THE Dock Road Edwardian pumping station is a sewage pumping station in Northwich. It is recorded in the National Heritage list for England as a Grade II listed building and is owned by United Utilities. It sits as a little gem on the Northwich Heritage trail and has now been closed by United Utilities for well over a year.

I was and still am a volunteer operator along with two other colleagues who freely gave their time to show the public examples of our industrial heritage.

The building is in need of some urgent repair, mainly the roof, and was deemed unsafe by United Utilities, but we cannot get them to do anything about it.

This doesn’t seem consistent with the responsibility that they have to keep a Grade II listed building safe.

Especially when it is such a part of our industrial heritage, and it would be a shame to allow such facility to degenerate into oblivion.

A very concerned Phil Braithwaite via email