I don’t know how old Abi Jones is but I know 10-year-olds who would write far more dignified letters on our departure from the EU.

She seems to have a real problem with the EU plaques that show where money has been invested in worthwhile projects. She seems to have no understanding at all of how our investment in our membership of the EU actually worked in practice, how little it represented in terms of government spending (less than two per cent), how much we gained economically from that investment and how much we saved from being part of shared regulatory systems and progressive scientific research projects.

The information is easily available, but so many prefer to wallow in angry anti-EU fanaticism and that’s where Ms Jones is; howling at the moon, angry at some signs, graceless and still uninformed.

Brexit is happening, enjoy your celebrations but it really is beyond time now to be more dignified and gracious in our relationships with the wider world, including our closest neighbours.

Sarah Murphy Via email