OOPS. I appear to have punctured the flagship propaganda of the Thought Police – climate change.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to hear that Ewen Simpson is keen to know the name of the planet I’m from. I assume he’s desperate to leave his existing world of self inflicted indoctrination.

Yes Ewen, I’m from Planet Reality where people are entitled to think for themselves and not have the Thought Police telling people what they must think. Particularly not a 16-year-old disturbed girl reading from a provided script.

Governments of different colours together with compliant media sources have been trying to pull this climate change stunt for the last one hundred years. The earliest report I’m aware of emanated from the Commerce Department of the US Consulate in Bergen. This was dated November 2, 1922 and subsequently reported on in The Washington Post.

The salient points being – seas warming, masses of ice melting, known glaciers disappearing then concluding with the prediction of fear being “within a few years it is predicted that due to ice melt the seas will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.”

Does that prediction of 98 years ago not have a rather familiar ring Ewen? It didn’t happen of course and whether or not the population of the day was told it was all due to emissions from model T Fords and flatulence from the Pony Express I don’t know.

The tactic was then put into suspense due to the Second World War build up and hostilities as governments had different priorities.

However, it subsequently was reintroduced. Consider the following: 1960s – ‘Oil reserves will be depleted in 10 years’. 1970s – ‘Another Ice Age in 10 years’. 1980s – ‘Acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years’. 1990s – ‘Ozone layer will be destroyed in 10 years’. Mid 1990s – The current shenanigans started.

Initially called global warming then manmade climate change and now just climate change.

Prediction Fear swept in again with predictions of ice caps melting and will be gone in 10 years, seas rising, New York and other cities disappearing beneath the waves.

Worldwide rioting and nuclear Armageddon as nations fight for the last vestiges of food on the planet.

None of these things happened but all resulted in more taxes and regulation.

What you believe is your decision Ewen but if you want to avoid being told what to think by the Thought Police then escape to Planet Reality.

Don Micklewright Weaverham