THE IMF have published a report saying that the UK will grow faster than the rest of the EU after Brexit.

No wonder the EU have been reluctant to let us go, and will continue to drag their feet over the terms under which we leave.

But Boris must stand firm against their bullying, and do a quick deal with America. All the hysteria about their chlorinated chicken is rubbish; America has a much lower level of campylobacter infection than us, so what’s the problem?

Cheaper chicken for consumers can only be good, as long as it’s properly labelled, then consumers can make up their own minds.

On January 31 we celebrate leaving the EU, a doomed organisation, as history will reveal, just as those MPs who didn’t want to listen to the electorate, such as Antoinette Sandbach, Nick Boles, Philip Hammond, et al, thought they were above the common people and could simply go ahead with what they thought best for us.

I’m really looking forward to being able to make our own decisions without some bureaucratic ‘super office’ telling us what to do.

Come and celebrate with me.

Sara Grove Cheshire