NUMEROUS foxes reported killed on Boxing Day. How can this be continually taking place and yet nothing is done about it?

Many people in this country are unaware despite the 2004 Hunting Act being passed to ban the hunting of wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales, the killing of our wildlife is still taking place.

Every week across the country vast numbers of foxes are being killed by the Hunt on the pretence that they are following a trail and that if the hounds pick up the scent of a fox and ultimately the fox is ripped to pieces then they plead that no intention of this happening was made.

Surely the fact that there are so many reported incidents of foxes being killed, and these are only the ones known about so will be many more, that we need to wake up to the fact that this can’t just be a coincidence and is a deliberate act.

How can so many be killed by accident and with no intent?

The Hunt knows exactly what they are doing!

Recently naturalist Chris Packham had a dead fox left at his home after he spoke out about hunting, what kind of people are these who feel the need to intimidate those who respect and love animals.

Enough is enough and the police need to do more and our MPs need to take a stand in strengthening the law relating to the Hunting Act.

Hazel Cook, Via email