NEWS last week that the wellknown symbols of several organisations committed to nonviolence have been included in a glossary put together by counterterrorism police (independent. filled me with some dismay.

I fear this bizarre attempt to cast misleading slurs against organisations including the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and Extinction Rebellion (XR) may provide some insight into the current Government’s attitude to those of us determined to expose the climate crisis, to pursuing peace and disarmament and to challenging the Trump/Johnson narrative.

I trust supporters of groups like XR and CND will not allow themselves to be intimidated by such nonsense. We need instead to display our symbols with increased flair and increased frequency. We need to proudly present our commitment to peace and nonviolence, to exposing the climate crisis and to real change. If we don’t do it now, it could soon be too late.

Philip Gilligan Via email