I HAVE to wonder what planet Don Micklewright (Opinion, January 16) lives on. No climate emergency?

Invented climate change? Fires in Australia started by Australia’s imported guests? Movement of tectonic plates? The mind boggles.

I would love to see him argue his point with David Attenborough, the Scientists of the Met Office, Greta Thunberg, but I suspect he will not change his mind. I would like him to define ‘imported guests’, is that an euphemism for immigrants?

I would especially love to see him discuss this issue with Greta; and not just her, but all teenagers and younger children who will suffer hugely if we ignore what is happening.

Finally, I suggest he watches the new series on BBC with, if possible an open mind, which will examine all aspects of climate change. It just might open his eyes to reality.

Ewen Simpson Whatcroft