HOORAY! I for one will be jumping for joy when we finally get rid of the oppressive regime that is the EU on January 31.

No more Brussels telling us what to do, Boris and his team can tell them to go take a hike.

At last, no more ridiculous regulations any more, and all those stupid signs that say various projects have been paid by the EU, mostly in Scotland, hence they’ve been brainwashed into believing the EU is good, but all those things are actually paid for by our huge budget contribution.

This is currently £20 billion gross, of which some is graciously given back to us, so that we paid £11 billion last year in actual cash.

But how would you like it if someone took such a huge chunk of your income and told you where it was to be spent, and then they took the credit for it?

That’s what the EU has done with its stupid signs, which I hope the UK government will now remove after January 31.

No doubt they won’t in Scotland, because Ms Sturgeon has a point to prove, but down here in England there will be much celebration and merriment on January 31. We can’t wait!

Abi Jones Cheshire