I despair for the future of our precious health service when I read comments from Mr Dennis Dunn, the Chairman of Mid Cheshire Trust.

I am a retired registered nurse. I spent many years in management and used to come across people in high management with such blinkered views.

Development in Mid Cheshire has been out of control since the demise of Vale Royal. The developers were like bees to honey.

Many of us who have campaigned against new developments on the ground of sustainability were given short change by the CWAC planners.

I attended many meetings of the planning committee where the planners refused to accept the difficulties Mid Cheshire would have in absorbing the many thousands of new residents.

Many of us stressed the already overburdened health and social welfare services, including dental and physiotherapy. We also raised the traffic problems, I wonder how many of the planners have to cope with the Northwich, Winnington and Hartford traffic.

We were told all the new new developments were sustainable!

I suggest to Mr Dunn the extra burden on the A&E at Leighton could have been foreseen at least five years ago. More people, more elderly people (like myself) overstretched GP’s, reduced time spent in homecare, what else was going to happen?

The health service managers of Mid Cheshire should be talking to the CWAC planners in their ivory towers, who do not seem to accept the difficulties that they have created in Mid Cheshire. It is time for ‘linked up thinking and planning’.

Things are only going to get worse, developers don’t care about the problems they leave behind and the planners are out of control the development on the Dane Valley flood plain shows that .

Margaret Newton Moulton