I see this week’s climate alarmist, Liam Byrne, likes to use that well worn phrase ‘Climate emergency’ accompanied by a view that it’s ‘happening now’.

Well there is no ‘climate emergency’ and never has been.

What we have had is orchestrated alarm accompanied by apocalyptic predictions about sea levels rising, cities sinking beneath the waves, consequential world wide rioting, followed by nuclear Armageddon.

And what has actually happened in this respect? Zilch, nothing, zero.

As for him trying to link this year’s fires in Australia to this invented climate change belief system the mind boggles.

Australia has fires every year.

Aussies call it the “fire season”. It has since year dot, ever since the tectonic plates moved Australia to that position on the globe. Some years are better or worse.

A number this year were started deliberately by some of Australia’s imported guests. The only thing which can be actually observed associated with climate change is that governments have thought of new ways of raising taxes and used the invented belief system to justify these additional taxes.

Don Micklewright Weaverham