I’M sure readers groaned as I did to read yet another missive from Mr Corcoran, complete with his qualifications – we haven’t heard if he did buy his MA from Oxford – pontificating about how wonderful the Labour manifesto was. We’re rather sick and tired of this, Mr Corcoran, and your soon to be ex leader too.

You obviously didn’t get the message that the voters comprehensively rejected your manifesto, irrespective of which August body approved of it, and that your party needs to go back to the drawing board and start again until they’ve found something a bit more voter friendly.

No doubt we will hear endless reporting from the Labour party’s official organ, the BBC, about this, and who might be the next leader and why, and about those in denial of the result and those who think something else should be tried, but frankly no one will care less for another five years, we just aren’t interested, and neither are 95 per cent of voters.

So please do us a favour, Mr Corcoran, and go back into anonymity please. We’re also heartily sick of your tedious missives in the Guardian too. Get on with fixing all the multiple potholes that you promised to deal with. Have you actually been out with a road maintenance crew and seen just many potholes there are out there?

David Roberts, Via email