AS the date of the General Election rapidly approaches it was always inevitable that the Remainers would get into a state of hysterical panic, as this week’s letters page so ably demonstrates. Whereas it would give me great satisfaction to tear apart all those Remainer panic letters piece by nonsensical piece space is not unlimited. So perhaps I can comment on just one.

What a pathetic letter from arch Remainer Peter Firth. He says “We cannot afford to go our own own way, even if it’s in our best interests.”

Forgive me for saying this Peter but that statement qualifies for a putty medal as the silliest statement of the year. If something is in our BEST interests we cannot afford NOT to go our own way.

To me Peter conjures up a vision of a terrified human being sitting in a darkened corner wringing his hands and uttering endless repetitions of mumbling “We’ll be on our own. Where’s me Mam?”

Good grief Peter. The UK is the greatest trading nation the world has ever known until it became hamstrung with EU rules designed to fill EU coffers at our expense.

Remainers either don’t know, or pretend not to know how trade deals and tariffs work.

If the UK left the EU on a so called No Deal (which is my preferred option.) Trade between the UK and the EU would continue pretty much as now.

The UK would not be excluded from trade with the EU Single Market.

The only potential impact is that WTO rules on tariffs would be allowed as a maximum.

These tariffs are not mandatory nor are they charged to the exporting country. If an importing country wishes to apply these tariffs to any extent at all then it’s own citizens have to pay them.

The UK has already stated that it will not be applying these tariffs thus UK prices will not change.

Indeed they should reduce because right now the EU forces the UK to charge artificially high prices with goods (including food) from the rest of the world. Inflated by 16 per cent on average, 80 per cent of which the UK has to send directly into EU coffers.

The EU may indeed include a trading bloc, but free it isn’t. It is the only trading bloc in the world where you have to pay billions to be a member. And where the producers in continental Europe can raise their prices to us for extra profits because they know the UK has to pay artificially inflated world prices because of EU rules. Leaving the EU on No Deal would be a win, win situation for the UK.

Don Micklewright, Weaverham