I read Paul Hurley’s letter Guardian, November 21 ‘Remoaners Project Fear’, with a little smile on my face.

I hadn’t heard the term ‘Remoaner’ for some time as it has probably dawned on most Brexiteers that there was some element of truth in all the moaning.

Especially after several large overseas companies have questioned their investment in the UK in the event of no trade deal with Europe. No Mr Hurley, That is ‘Project Reality’ not ‘Project Fear’, or don’t you believe them?

In fact, most of the moaning these days seems to come from Brexiteers who, frustrated that their obsessive ‘fixation’ has not been delivered after three years, still cannot accept that ‘Leave’ might have meant something different among those that voted for it. I’m sure that the two per cent winning margin would have been obliterated had the suffix ‘and no trade ties with Europe’ been added to the leave option.

To people like Mr Hurley the fact that the people of the UK were systematically lied to, and by a ‘Leave’ campaign that broke the rules regarding spending, is merely an irrelevance. The deceit was very clever. “We SEND the EU £350m a week” on the side of the bus conveniently didn’t mention the REBATE bit, which means in reality, our net contribution to the EU is approximately one-fifth of what we spend on our Armed forces for example.

He scoffs at the idea of an independent Scotland. Well, on the subject of deceit, I can’t think of a bigger one than the people of Scotland being told prior to the last referendum vote, that their best chance of staying in the EU was staying part of the UK. Only for two years later, England and Wales to vote to leave. Scottish Independence is a reality, it’s only a matter of time, presumably this is more ‘Project Fear’ that the writer has no time for.

On the subject of Corbyn’s past acquaintances. He certainly isn’t the first in high position this country to court controversy in this area. Didn’t PM Callaghan and indeed our own Queen shake hands with brutal Romanian despot Nicolae Ceaucescu and his equally ghastly wife Elena a few years before they were executed without trail by their own people?

Aren’t several members of the Royal Family very close through their horse-racing connections to the ruling princes of one of the most repressive regimes in the world?

I’m reminded of the old saying “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. Let’s not forget Nelson Mandela was labelled a terrorist by our own PM in the 1980’s.

Ray Evans, Weaverham