CHRIS Prior ‘Treaty claims are untrue’ (Guardian, October 31) has chosen to misinterpret my letter about the EU planned events which, within the next few years, will adversely affect this nation if we fail to leave the EU.

Some of these events are directly linked to the final stages of the Lisbon Treaty, others less so.

Nonetheless, Chris Prior unequivocally states that not one of these EU planned events, to which I refer, are true. Much like the same sort of people who stated that the EU had no intentions to become a federal state, but that it was only ever going to be a trading bloc.

I fully stand by the contents of my previous letter. We are now entering the final phase of the EU’s objective to become a totalitarian state absorbing all the other member states.

In the next few years our nation will cease to exist as a sovereign independent nation, being totally at the mercy of the EU as to what we can and can’t do.

This is not “nonsense on social media” as Chris Prior would sneeringly try to have us believe.

I suggest Chris Prior refers to a speech made by Lord James of Blackheath in the House of Lords on September 6, in which he covers the same issues and more.

It is also the declared view of the EU as given by Guy Verhofstadt as the EU guest speaker at the Lib Dem conference. A speech in which he announced the desirability and intention for the EU to become ‘an Empire’. Rather similar to the rantings of Adolph Hitler and his determination to establish the ‘Fourth Reich’. Adolph Hitler failed.

But the German people suffered for decades with Pariah status.

The only hope we have of avoiding the fate of being a vassal state to the EU is by undertaking a clean Brexit.

Sadly, I no longer believe our Remainer parliament will ever let this happen. The anti-democratic swamp at Westminster needs to be cleared out.

Don Micklewright, Northwich