ON September 14, the day we went on holiday, we received a letter from Oakwood Medical Centre saying that as we lived out of the area we would be struck off their list and had to find a new GP.

We wrote back immediately to point out that we had been on their list for 40 years plus.

Firstly at Little Leigh, then Davenham for 16 years. At no stage when we moved to Davenham were we told that there was any issue.

We wrote a personal letter to the Doctors Singleton/Harding and did anticipate a response. However, when it came, it was by way of a form letter from the practice manager who simply confirmed the situation.

Surely the doctors realise that at 75 it is difficult to build up a relationship with a new doctor?

I would say that my family have not been an overdue burden on Oakwood over the years and to ditch us when we may need them more is, at the best, insensitive.

I suppose that this is the result of the apparently uncontrolled development which does not require any additional infrastructure or services!?

M N Cooper, Davenham