THE meeting last Thursday of Cheshire East Council was unlike any other I’ve ever attended.

The opening remarks saw the leader of council, Sam Corcoran in a self congratulatory mood taking credit for policies he had no hand in developing.

The agenda was ill considered, leaving councillors in the unforgivable position of being asked to make decisions on issues for which they had insufficient information and poor advice.

The biggest issue arose at the end of the meeting when following a question which required a simple yes or no answer, Cllr Corcoran found it acceptable to make wild and untrue allegations about the previous leader by lamely adding the word “allegedly” at the end of his attack.

He provided no evidence for his spurious allegations nor did he, or could he challenge, when his headline hunt was proven untrue.

The telling factor here was his silence, he could offer no explanation and no apology.

Leadership is a difficult ship to steer but this was a disgraceful and damning attempt at it. Dwight D.

Eisenhower stated “You don’t lead people by hitting them over the head, that’s assault, not leadership”.

Cllr Elizabeth Wardlaw Odd Rode Ward