DEAR Mrs Sandbach, your claim that you represent your constituents doesn’t square with the fact that the majority of your constituents voted to Leave the EU.

There were no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, we just wanted to Leave. We didn’t ask you to try and interpret our reasons for leaving and come up with the false idea that we didn’t know what we were voting for.

In any event, it is clear that a ‘Deal’ with the EU is a Deal where they want to continue to impose restrictions, taxes and laws, tying us into a federal state.

In the not too distant future that will see the £Sterling being absorbed into the Euro. For certain that will entail bailing out the European Central Bank, once it has to face the Italian Euro 400 Billion debt it has with them – for sure, I guess that is a debt which you haven’t shared with our local business people, and neither were they ever referred to by you nor your Remainer colleagues in 2016/17.

In addition, you calmly ignore the future intentions of the EU, under the Lisbon Treaty, where they are be ready to impose even more control (and cost) onto our people.

Promoting the idea of a second referendum is an insult to the promises made in 2016 – why don’t you understand that the majority voted to Leave?

By taking No Deal off the table Brexit is not now possible, in any real sense.

The EU has to agree the deal, the EU wants the UK to Remain, therefore any Deal will require the UK to effectively remain within the EU as whatever Deal they agree to is one which leaves the UK subject to all EU rules and regulations, with No Voting; or Remain as a fully participating member with a position even less advantageous than it has at present.

All the EEC/EC/EU ‘treaties’ have pointed in one direction, a Federal State ruled by a Federal government at a massive cost to the tax payer. Your duplicity, and that of all your Remainer colleagues who were elected via their parties’ manifestos to effect Brexit, have destroyed the public’s trust in Parliament, to the point where you have threatened the democratic principles, and the freedoms we have enjoyed, over centuries past.

Effectively, you have binned the sacrifices made in previous generations for those freedoms, have landed us with massive cash transfers to an illegal authority (under Magna Carta), while condemning the nation to a prison from which there is no escape.

Chris Watkin Cuddington