I READ with interest the article on Antoinette Sandbach in last week’s Guardian, and I must confess to having very little sympathy for her.

I have had no dealings with her other than over Brexit, and that was bad enough. They say that you can judge people by the company they keep, and that is correct in this case.

She aligned herself with the likes of Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve, and the other rebel MPs, most of who sat in Leave constituencies as did Antoinette. She was one of the 21 rebels booted out of the Tory party for being, well, destructive rebels.

When she first popped her head above the parapet as a Remainer in a leave constituency, I emailed her and pointed this out. She replied with waffle about thinking of all voters, not just her constituency.

I disputed this, and she banned me from contacting her other than through the post.

I think that she has the sympathy but not the support of the Eddisbury constituency office, and she certainly will not have much support from the voters despite the overwhelming number of letters that she has allegedly received.

I received the invitation to vote in her poll, and the link was dead, I don’t know whether this was a simple glitch and I hope some people did in fact, get to vote, but I know others who suffered the same glitch.

The bottom line is that these silly rebel MPs, including Sandbach, have aligned themselves with Marxist Corbyn, that completely undemocratic Liberal Democrat Party, Mmm the wrong title now perhaps? Then there is the SNP who squeal loudly about Scotland being Remain. Well, I suppose they are, but they make no mention of the 38 per cent of Scots who voted Leave.

The majority of people want A Deal, and all of these rebels have done is say they want a deal and then tied the Government’s hands as they seek one.

They don’t want a deal really, what they want is to remain in the EU, whereas the majority of the electorate, which perhaps includes the working class who don’t know what they are talking about, want out.

Hence the massive Leave vote in the EU elections; Leave gained 44 per cent and Remain 31 per cent in that election, not including the likes of leave-voting Labour MPs, UKIP and the inconsequential supportfree Change UK.

For three years Mrs May, a Remainer, has been bumbling about, supported by three-quarters of Remain MPs, who have ignored the largest vote in the history of voting, and now the real troublemakers, one of whom is our Antoinette, have been kicked out.

All I can say is well done Boris, go and get us a deal, one that Parliament cannot fight and one that will get us completely out of that toxic, dying organisation, the European Union. As for Antoinette, go back to being a very well-paid barrister and forget the General Election, at least in Eddisbury.

Paul Hurley Winsford