DURING the EU Referendum of 2016, the public was given the opportunity to leave or remain in the EU. To this end, the Remain leaning Parliament spent nine million pounds on a pamphlet urging remain and posted a copy to every address in the country. They lost, the majority voted to leave.

Mid Cheshire has two main Parliamentary Constituencies, Eddisbury were constituents voted 52.2 per cent to leave the EU. And Weaver Vale where the constituents voted 50.1 per cent to leave.

The MP for Eddisbury is Antoinette Sandbach, an ardent and vociferous Remainer. The MP for Weaver Vale is Graham Evans, another strong Remainer.

I believe plans are underway to deselect Sandbach for her involvement in interfering with the Brexit vote. I don’t know about Evans; I am not in his constituency.

Parliament has a majority of Remain MPs, many of who are going against the wishes of their constituents fighting in every way possible to delay (putting it nicely) or stopping Brexit completely against the will of the majority. The Metropolitan Bubble that is London is the only part of the UK that can be described as majority-remain supporting. For the past three years, parliamentarians have fought tooth and nail to delay or stop Brexit. Now as a genuine Brexiteer PM has taken over from a Remainer and probably blocked the loopholes used for the last three years he is vilified with left-wing and Remainer rants throughout the country.

All these remain MPs are doing is providing the EU with evidence that we are not united in leaving, and parliament may stop us. They are going against common negotiating sense and interfering with the PMs task in obtaining an acceptable deal. It is they who if we go out on a No Deal will be responsible and that is so wrong and so anti-British.

Think again local MPs and at least one local councillor about what your rebellion is likely to cause, get off your self-righteous hobby horses and support a PM who wants a deal unlike you who just seem to want to remain. If you don’t I hope you will be sent packing at the next election.

Paul Hurley Winsford