DESPITE many emails and calls to the police, a local keeps letting a dangerous dog run riot around Verdin Park.

Today a person was forced to kick out at the black dog. The owner was 400 yards away. She never picks up the mess it leaves on Queensgate, and after many asks we wonder why no action has been taken.

A dog that has pushed OAPs to the ground twice, that goes from the Blue Barrel to the park at 10am to 11am every day. Do the police not have any time?

We question why we have a council and police. The female owner of the dog laughs at the public who are in fear in the park.

Park users are very disappointed the dog runs across roads and does mess all over the park, every day, and no action is taken.

Why do any of us pick up mess or keep dogs under control?

Can we also ask that the council confirms no more houses will be built in Northwich? We are also seeking an update on the bridge that never got built over at Winnington. (No updates as promised?) Andrew Selmes