CHESHIRE West and Chester Council has recently introduced speed limits on the A530 with their border with Cheshire East Council and on Nantwich Road, at Wallange, this starts at a point crossing the River Wheelock as 50mph.

While this is evidently a safetyinspired imposition on a previously derestricted road at this point they have erected advisory signage close to the 30mph zone overseen by Cheshire East passing the Brinlow Drive junction/entrance to the Manor Estate.

Going out of Middlewich towards Wimboldsley the 50mph signage is only about two metres past the junction and coming into Middlewich 50mph signs (which could obscure or distract ) about eight metres.

While the road at this point was derestricted, advisory signage was minimalist and I feel therefore they have created an accident risk increase at the junction by drivers going past the junction at 50 instead of 30mph.

Furthermore, going a short distance out of Middlewich there is a sharp right hand bend, and whilst the Cheshire West highways have installed max signage of 50mph this I fear has also increased the risk of vehicles leaving the carriageway through the hedge close to Norcroft Farm and I feel they should have put in place bend max signage advising of a lesser speed.

A J Langley (via email)