I RECENTLY visited my friend’s grave at Vale Royal Cemetery.

I was deeply moved and upset by the sight that greeted me.

At the time there were two men mowing the grass.

As I walked toward the grave I turned toward the building at the entrance, to the rear of the building was a heap of discarded tokens removed from graves.

I saw that many were damaged, on closer inspection recently so.

These treasures had obviously been discarded without a thought for the bereaved or deceased.

At a time when mental health is at the forefront of our minds I find it incredible that individualswill treat the bereaved in such a shameful manner.

I did express my concerns to the two men, their response was ‘nothing to do with us’.

Maybe we should take a step back and ask ourselves how would I like myself and my relatives and friends to be treated when I pass away.

Hopefully with dignity, empathy and respect, not like this.

A Doughty Chester