WE have just had three years under PM May, which was full of doom and gloom and can’t do. In a short space of time the new PM Boris Johnson has brought positivity and can-do to his main objective of leaving the EU.

The figures have just been released for our financial contribution for the last financial year.

We gave them £15.5 billion which is an increase of 20 per cent on the previous year which was £12.9 billion, is there any wonder that they do not want us to leave?

Trade with the EU accounts for about 10 per cent of our economy, just eight per cent of British firms trade with the 27-member bloc.

Twenty years ago of all goods exported from the UK 60 per cent went to the EU, it is now 43 per cent and falling.

Let us trade with the world, especially the Commonwealth countries, where our real friends are.

Philip Flautell Wincham