REGARDING your story ‘Police target lorry drivers’.

This article was also published by Cheshire Police on their Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, and I made a comment on it at the time.

I feel I must take issue again to defend the reputation of UK LGV drivers, of which I am one.

Both of these articles, yours and Cheshire Police, make no mention of whether the offenders were UK drivers or foreign nationals.

Also, no percentage of either groups to make a comparison as to the compliance of UK drivers upholding or breaking UK laws and regulations.

I have been in this industry for 30 years and UK LGV drivers are, I believe, one of the most regulated trades in this country, and also one of the most compliant.

The police article on Facebook showed several pictures of drivers using phones at the wheel.

All of these showed them to be left hand drive vehicles.

As for those those found not in full control of their vehicle – maybe Cheshire Police can give more precise details?

I get really downhearted reading such articles and would love the media to maybe do some kind of proper research into just how professional and compliant our drivers are, instead of classing us as marauding imbeciles intent on mass slaughter.

I work for Morrisons at Gadbrook RDC and have done so for nigh on 17 years.

The training and safety awareness we are provided with is second to none.

If you care to contact the DVSA, you may get some feedback on our OCRS.

These are the standards reached by virtually all of the retail sector’s transport departments, and would make interesting reading for the general public, and also help promote our profile.

My apologies for such a long rant but I think you can see my strength of feeling on this subject.

There is so much I can say about how we are held in such disdain by the motoring public, who know little of how we are regulated, and the standards we have to uphold.

The majority just see a slow moving truck getting in the way and don’t for one second consider it may be delivering the very items they are desperate to buy.

Phil Crum Winsford