BEWARE of Remainers setting a fake view of history.

The EU has always been utterly ineffective at preventing conflict.

It is not the EU, but NATO, that has guaranteed our future security.

That is why Putin is so keen on undermining NATO by encouraging the EU to have its own army.

Consider, too, the break-up of Yugoslavia and subsequent civil war.

The EU was utterly powerless to do anything, and it was in the end NATO that brought the Serbs to their senses that ended the war.

NATO has kept the peace since the Second World War, and now is being undermined by the EU in their arrogance.

Michael Palmer, in the July 18 edition, also warns that we might not be able to retire in Spain, Tenerife or France after leaving the EU.


But the fact is that elderly British citizens put a huge burden on these countries’ health systems by their retirement to them where they pay minimal tax but take out huge sums in health benefits and use of these countries’ facilities, in addition to pushing up property prices beyond what local people are able to afford.

The outrageous practice of wealthy Britons inflating house prices of locals, not only abroad, but also in Britain’s rural areas, must shame all second home owners wherever they live, causing ghost towns in winter and unaffordability for locals year round.

I believe Boris is right to want to withhold our money from the EU, which is just a huge black hole when it comes to money.

David Roberts Cheshire