THE Cheshire East cabinet meeting on July 9, presented council members with a new seating layout which was introduced at the request of Cllr Sam Corcoran.

This change left members of council with nowhere to sit as they direct their questions to cabinet.

The change was orchestrated by the leader of the council who has repeatedly congratulated himself on how inclusive his administration is.

The new arrangements made provision for cabinet members and for members of the public to access a seat with a microphone, however there was no designated area for fellow councillors.

Is there a fearful glint in the new leaders’ eye when sitting before the opposition?In this forum I am neither cabinet member nor a member of the public.

I am an elected representative to council and as such, in this instance, I expect that fact to be acknowledged. When I challenged this arrangement I was accused of arrogance.

Was it arrogant to ask to be called sister or matron in previous roles or was it a title I’d earned? Is it arrogant to be referred to as Mrs, having been married for 34 years or is it an appropriate expectation?

The new Leader of Cheshire East Council assured me he is pleased with changes. He insisted that in this meeting I am a member of the public. Why then did he keep asking if visiting councillors had any comment or questions to cabinet?

Confused? I know I am.

Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Wardlaw Cheshire East