HERE we go, it’s Wimbledon fortnight starting this week.

Having looked at my TV listings magazine for next week, I see that the BBC is saturating both BBC1 and BBC2 with tennis matches for up to 11 hours per day.

Where is the choice for non-tennis fans?

I’m all for tennis fans being able to watch their favourite sport, but why not on just one channel, why both?

This happens every year, and I write to the BBC every year pointing out this unfairness, but they aren’t bothered as they get their licence fee no matter what the viewers think.

I think that licence fees should be scrapped, and we have a box connected to the TV and we pay an amount for each programme watched.

We’d soon see how many people would abandon their sets instead of watching some of the inane drivel which purports to be entertainment or education.

David Cowan