WE have had a good time recently.

We have been travelling the country finding former colleagues from my time in the RAF, facilitated by Facebook, I might add.

This has taken me to some very different styles of restaurant.

Some I might say I would question if value for money was ever on the menu.

However, it was my turn to take a couple out for lunch here in Cheshire.

We had tried to find a place where the true nature of Cheshire could be seen, felt and tasted.

Nothing could have prepared us for the glorious meal we were served by a waiter who was, himself, worth the price.

The place? None other than the Old Broken Cross.

I must say it was by some margin the best meal I have ever had in a restaurant and I would like to use the Guardian letters page to allow others to realise this great facility you have on your doorstep.

Roderick and Valerie Oates