ONE thing is for sure – The last decade has been worthwhile and fascinating.

Since becoming an MEP in 2009 it’s been a rollercoaster of an existence and I have enjoyed serving the people of the north west region.

It has been a real honour to represent my constituents.

As the European Parliament does not work in the same way as Westminster, and the real decisions are made by unelected bureaucrats, it is practically impossible to bring about change from within.

I was elected with a mandate to get the UK out of Brussel’s grasp, and while that struggle is still not yet over, I take pride in the fact that we won the 2016 Referendum.

While my term ends at the beginning of July, my determination that Brexit must happen remains as strong as ever and polls show an increasing number of people feel the same.

I wish to thank all of those who have supported me and the battle for Brexit – it has been a real privilege.

Paul Nuttall,

North West MEP

Brexit Party