SUGGESTIONS to boost the Barons Quay development have confirmed why quality retailers have no appetite for moving into Barons Quay.

We now know that local appetite includes a ‘bigger Greggs’ and Burger King among others – no wonder M&S are moving out.

Based on the success of the Altrincham model, I am all in favour of trendy bars, restaurants and the proposed Artisan Market Hall located in the area facing the river, which would create a vibrant social atmosphere and bring people like ourselves into Northwich from outlying areas.

We enjoy two pubs and an Italian restaurant in the village, but would certainly visit something similar to Altrincham.

I wish our councillors well and thank them for their continued efforts, but in terms of ‘cart and horse’, regularly increased footfall with potential spending power has to be attracted first in order to convince quality retailers to invest in Northwich.

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