REGARDING the theatre review ‘Book of Mormon is provocative but fun’ in the Guardian, June 20.

I have seen clips of the subject musical, and must say what I have heard in dialogue and music sounds fun, and has a tongue in cheek look at the Missionaries and the Book of Mormon itself.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I confirm that we have a terrific sense of humour, and can make fun of ourselves easily.

I personally wouldn’t go and watch the musical, due to its frequent use of explicit language and mild to explicit sexual references and acts (as stated in IMDB).   I appreciate the author of the subject article is just expressing his views, and I could let it all go over my head except for one paragraph. 

It reads “But the strength of The Book of Mormon (meaning I think the musical) is that it not only rips apart the flawed logic of the faith and its ridiculous elements....but shows how religion can be a force for good in terms of uniting people and giving them a shared purpose and positive way of life”.

Now the second part of that paragraph as a stand-alone comment is very true, but the first part suggesting the Church of Jesus Christ has flawed logic and ridiculous elements really don’t fit well with me.

I would love to hear from the author about the flawed logic and ridiculous elements of the church I’ve been a member of for 35 years.

I wonder if the author has ever been to a church service.  I wonder if he has ever read The Book of Mormon.

I wonder if he has ever had missionaries from the church teach him about the church.  The musical I believe is spoof, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have taken it on the chin, and tried to use it in their favour in hope that someone who watches the musical, may want to read the book.  After all, we know the book is always better than the film (or theatre production).

There is nothing flawed or ridiculous about this church, and if anyone reading this article would like to know more about the church they are best speaking to a member of the church, rather than watching the musical, or go to

David Evans

Via email