WELL the earthquake prophesied by Nigel Farage has well and truly shaken up the political landscape in the UK.

It is, of course, the issue of Brexit that has brought this about, but a shake-up to the two party system in this country has been long overdue.

And this is confirmed by the reaction of Labour and the Conservatives to the EU election results here, still refusing to listen to the people.

The Lib Dems are, understandably, cock-a-hoop about their results but if they think that will be translated into MPs at the next General Election I think they will have a rude awakening.

They are neither liberal nor democratic and they have acknowledged that traditional Labour and Tory supporters only lent them their vote for this election.

Interesting times lie ahead but Brexit must be delivered – the people have spoken again and again voted to leave.

Paul Nuttall North West MEP Brexit Party