WE’RE writing as a group of local residents to write in opposition to our local MP Esther McVey’s call to scrap the foreign aid target.

Ms McVey has set out a vision for the future of Great Britain, which includes dramatically cut spending on overseas aid.

As her constituents, we want our MP to know that we completely disagree.

Calls for increased police and school funding are completely justified but why must we cut a budget which supports the poorest on our planet to pay for it?

UK Aid supports children getting into school who have fled Syria, fights diseases like malaria which kill millions, and campaigns against cruel practices such as FGM.

We’re a wealthy nation, and to step back and say that these issues aren’t our problem would be unthinkable.

While we have problems here, we shouldn’t cut life-saving investments to fight extreme poverty.

Helping others is part of this country’s legacy and we’re proud to see the difference we’re making.

Gill Connell, Helen Coulson, Margaret Wright, Via email