NEITHER side of the Brexit debate have been honest with the British people over the consequences of the UK remaining in the EU, the aim of which is to become a single country with its own head of state, government, armed forces, fiscal and foreign policy.

In a United States of Europe, Britain would be a mere off-shore province with all the power residing in central Europe.

The monarchy would be meaningless, the prime minister would become a mere state governor, our Navy, Army and Air Force would be merged with their equivalents and the commonwealth would be dissolved.

Anyone who thinks the latter point is fanciful should consider that, for it to be otherwise, it would be like Texas or California having overseas connections independent of the rest of the USA.

Freedom of movement is essential for creating a single European people.

A European government in charge of overseas affairs would hand Gibraltar to Spain, cede the Falklands to Argentina and create a united Ireland.

There would be nothing we could do once we make the fatal mistake of handing our sovereignty to those who seek the complete absorption of our country into a European monolith.

The likes of Cable, Soubry, Sturgeon and Clarke never mention the fact that, if we stay in the EU, it is the end of the UK with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland split up forever to ensure they remain impotent and subservient to the European Union – but maybe that is what they really want. The consequences of us sleepwalking into a country called Europe are too awful to contemplate, but the British people should wake up before their country disappears...forever.

MJ Dooley Cheshire