LEIN the Guardian, May 16 edition, The Fly in the Ointment made the outrageous and unwarranted suggestion that should a sovereign nation state such as the UK leave the EU and trade with it on World Trade Organisation terms prior to agreeing a free trade deal and not have solved the Northern Ireland border issue then the UK will become a ‘Rogue State’.

Has TFITO taken leave of their senses or are just engaging in Project Fear Part 2? Both Ireland and the EU have now admitted that they have no intention of erecting a hard border. Neither will the UK.

The EU accepts there are other solutions that can be used.

So, yet again we find that the EU, the Remain-dominated government, Parliament and civil service have used Northern Ireland to scare MPs and the electorate into accepting the Remain PM’s Brexit in Name Only deal, which many commentators believe was written by Brussels.

Its intention is to permanently shackle the UK to the EU, effectively turning the UK into a colony of the Greater EU. That isn’t what 17.4 million people voted for.

The year after the referendum 23 million people voted for parties whose 2017 General Election manifestos unequivocally stated that they would honour and implement the referendum result.

The Fly needs to rein back his ridiculous rhetoric and realise that Rogue States are normally ones that are controlled by despots, dictators, religious extremists or terrorists.

The UK wanting to regain the sovereignty and control of its laws, that its people never mandated any government to give away, is people power in action – get used to it.

John Bickley