The Conservative party and the Labour party have had a warning shot across the bows.

Now is the time to listen to the people and actually stop the rot at our local council.

Both local parties cannot go on pretending that their national parties aren’t affecting their local vote.

Voters are completely disillusioned with the broken promises at Westminster.

Both parties agreed at national level to implement the result of the referendum on leaving the EU at the last election, and have utterly failed us.

Then they voted overwhelmingly to leave and implement that decision in parliament, and have again utterly failed us.

This is the time to respond by voting to leave, or both parties will be finished; the new consensus is across social and old political divides; it is now whether we remain in the failed EU or whether we can look to a new and bright future where we can negotiate our own trade deals and stand proud once again as an independent nation, where our laws are made in Westminster, not Brussels.

Abi Jones Via email