I was interested to read the report in last week’s paper about the increased odour reducing measures to be introduced at the Orsted (Dong) plan as it seems that the problems have been reported for some time now.

However, one has to ask how these problems were not foreseen before the plant was opened and why such odour reducing measures were not installed from the outset.

Surely the company concerned has other plants in operation where the technology has been tried and tested, or is the plant in Lostock Gralam the first of its kind?

Whatever the answers are it seems that problems with odours have occurred in the past and local residents, already coping with the increase in vehicular traffic bringing waste to the site, should not have to put up with any added problems.

It is therefore to be hoped that things will get better following the promised improvements and that regular monitoring by the Environment Agency will ensure that the residents of Lostock Gralam will go on to enjoy the same good air quality as the rest of us.

Mabel Taylor