RECENTLY two foxes have been killed in the local area.

I grew up on a farm and learned to love and respect all animal life Are all of the foxes being killed by hounds accidental? Perhaps the hunt master needs to go back to training school.

This is ‘our wildlife’ and we demand police support to protect it – or is somebody turning a blind eye to all of this? After all, Darren Martland has admitted that comments made by the Cheshire Constabulary on social media about fox hunting were ‘inappropriate’ If I were to take my dogs out and they got out of control and an animal was killed then I would be liable. Why then are the police not taking action?

If a fox is killed by accident then why not muzzle the dogs? At least animals would be safe.

It is not only wildlife that has been killed but many domestic animals as well, including several hounds being killed on railway tracks and injured jumping over wire fences.

Enough is enough.

Hazel Cook Northwich