THERE has been a vote of no confidence in the government but what the people of Northwich need is a vote of no confidence in CWAC.

Part of the blame for the proposed closure of the Northwich M&S store must be firmly placed at their door.

The wonderful new shopping area has not brought enough new businesses in pure and simply because the rent and rates are just too high.

The council would rather have empty shops sitting there for over two years instead of offering introductory rates for a fixed period just to get businesses in.

Surely it’s better to get some shops filled and then more will follow!

The closure of M&S will be the death of Northwich. Apparently even they found the costs too high.

They supported the store financially through all the building work when less customers were coming to Northwich and profits were reduced, hoping for a big upturn when all the new shops opened.

They must be as disillusioned as the people of Northwich are. It’s time CWAC took action to stop this town becoming a ghost town. There is life outside Chester you know.

SW Via email