MY attention was drawn to the article in the Northwich Guardian in which you asked for information concerning the former government site at Little Leigh ‘Ministry of Defence land at Little Leigh up for sale’.

This is covered in my book ‘Fuelling the Wars – PLUTO and the Secret Pipeline Network.

It was a former pump-station and was also referred to as the Acton Bridge or River Weaver pumpstation.

It was built during the 1950s along with the former petroleum storage site at Plumley.

A series of salt cavities were constructed at Plumley for the strategic storage of both crude and refined oils.

Normally fuel would be pumped out of the salt cavities at a relatively low flow rate but in a national emergency, the pumps at Little Leigh would have been used to pump the fuel out at a much higher rate using water from the river which was delivered to Plumley via two 14” pipelines.

However, it was calculated that the system could only be used twice on each cavity before it would have collapsed. I trust that the above is of interest.

Tim Whittle via email