I FEEL I must continue to remind your readers of the Brexit saga that is being played out on our national media outlets and that there is another way.

Theresa May seems to be winning her campaign of persuading people to support whatever deal she comes up with by scaring them with the prospect of a ‘no deal’ if it is not accepted. This is becoming the main story to the detriment of efforts to remain in the EU that are gaining ground throughout the country. It is becoming a point of principle for her government to carry out its self-declared objective whatever the cost.

Remaining in the EU and campaigning to improve its structures and policies so that they are fairer and more inclusive while retaining our national culture is still a credible alternative, despite what these outlets tell us or imply.

We must as a nation reach a stronger consensus concerning our future before embarking on a virtually irreversible act with its many mostly unknown effects.

Dr Peter Hirst Middlewich