I WOULD like to comment on last week’s article entitled ‘Lower Peover Parish Council voices concern over impact of lorries accessing housing site’.

The residents of Holly Tree Drive and Birchwood Drive, Lower Peover, are being illegally subjected to endless HGVs supplying building materials and construction plant to the Harvey Homes building site, leaving damaged road surfaces, mud, noise and danger in their wake.

I am incensed by the statement of Harvey Homes director, Thomas Ratcliffe. I quote: “We’re confident our professional team is doing everything they can to minimise unavoidable disruption until Westshield can legally create an access onto Middlewich Road.”

In the CMS (Construction Methodology Statement) his company submitted to gain planning consent, they submitted a CMS requesting early use of Holly Tree Drive, which was rejected by Cheshire West and Cheshire Highways due to the adverse effect on safety and amenity of local residents.

But they ploughed on regardless, without making any attempt to provide even a temporary entrance to Middlewich Road.

Their comments of requiring section 278 permission are totally untrue, according to CWAC Highways.

CWAC Planning served them a Breach of Condition Notice (dated 21/09/18) making it an offence to use Holly Tree Drive for site traffic.

They contested that, and were rejected again but have ignored that too and are still using Holly Tree Drive today, presumably with the aim of saving them time and money at the expense of the safety and amenity of local residents.

This comes at the end of a long list of antagonistic actions by Harvey Homes and its previous incarnations.

I feel that CWAC seems powerless to protect the existing residents of Lower Peover.

Steven Wilson (Resident)