FURTHER to your story regarding Winsford Town Council hiking up our council tax yet again I have this to say.

I have lived in this town all my life and I have seen this town go through so many changes, but not one of the changes to this town and the use of the tax payers money have been to the better. From the building of ‘Stonehenge’ on a roundabout to the stupid £950,000 park we never asked for, not once has the town or its residents ever been asked before spending such vast amounts of our money.

They spend it then say ‘we’ve done this you are now going to pay for it’.

Well enough is enough.

We have absolutely nothing in this town except for houses.

Our shopping centre is an eyesore, with rising rents forcing businesses out instead of trying to attract new ones.

We have to travel out of the town for everything – cinemas, clubs, pubs, entertainment.

It’s no wonder kids get in trouble, they are bored senseless.

The town council has no excuse. It has had thousands from the residents of this town and it’s about time we started seeing something for the money.

There have been more houses built here over past few years than ever before, even being built on green belt land.

How much money must they be raking in from all the council tax on those properties, and they still have the cheek to increase our tax and to then stand there and say they have the best interests of the people of this town.

It is a damn joke.

Improve this town significantly and I won’t mind paying a little extra, but until then you better have a huge rethink before increasing our bills. This town has had enough.

Mrs Diane Oakes via email