WE are delighted that Cheshire’s Police and Crime commissioner David Keane says his probe into the killing of a fox at the hunt at Huxley on January 5 will be robust and thorough.

However in his own review of hunting recently published he seemed surprised that Cheshire had had no successful prosecutions regarding the 2004 Hunting Act, which he stated was at odds with the national picture.

So we are expecting this latest investigation into the horrendous killing of a fox to end the same way...but we live in hope.

It is 14 years since the Hunting Act and still foxes are being tortured and tormented and torn apart alive by packs of dogs trained to do so by a pack of people I am reluctant to call human beings.

What these people love to do belongs to the dark ages when it was the norm to do unspeakable things to both human beings and animals alike.

We are so looking forward to the police public meeting to discuss the continued problem caused by hunting in Cheshire.

Nicky and Alan Brooks Yew Tree Farm, Whatcroft