SOME years ago where I worked, a truck tipped over while being unloaded.

This was due to the vehicle having all the pallets on the right hand side removed – leaving the left fully loaded, causing it to lean over.

I’m telling this story because Cheshire East Council have allowed the construction of a roundabout on Warmingham Lane, Cledford, at the juncture to same with Sycamore Drive and Wallenge Road.

The carriageway at this point has an increased camber due to the design and causes the waste vehicles run by ANSA to tilt by up to 20 per cent when being negotiated. Similarly, with this being a rural road, vehicles carrying hay lean over too, usually tractors.

As most modern tractors/tractor units seem to have a higher centre of gravity, I wonder how long it will be before a laden vehicle turns over on this roundabout, possibly resulting in serious injury or death to occupants of passing/waiting vehicles at this juncture should such an occurrence take place?

AJ Langley Middlewich