I WISH that arch Brexiteers would acknowledge a few simple facts.

The Referendum was purely David Cameron’s means to defeat the right wingers within his party.

He did not think for one moment that leavers would emerge with a majority.

He completely misjudged the mood of the country, as Theresa May is doing now.

All voters were lied to. Remember the red bus, George Osborne’s scare tactics and Boris’s mythical predictions?

Whilst the Brexiteers won a majority – 37.4 per cent Leave, 34.7 per cent remain, 28.9 per cent did not vote – it can in no way be called, as many Brexiteers do, as the ‘will of the people’.

That is massively overplaying their hand.

Whilst a member of the EU, the UK played a major part, at all levels, in the decisions made.

No way can Alan Grieve get away with his very jaundiced view that the ‘anti-British buffoons were continually rubbing our noses in the dirt’.

Credible evidence required Alan; though I suspect you cannot provide any.

What about freedom of movement? Working time directive?

EU police forces data bases linked with easy access? Environmental benefits such as far cleaner beaches? The Common Agricultural Policy ensuring farming stays viable for all farmers, big and small.

Tariff free barriers enabling industry to benefit from ‘just in time’ delivery chains? I could go on.

We were party to all these decisions, no anti-British buffoonery demonstrated here.

Sadly I know, no matter what I say, the Brexit or bust ideologues will not change their minds, no matter that their arguments are emotional and not factual.

The 2016 vote disenfranchised the young, those whose lives will be changed without any input from them.

That, together with the acknowledged fact that we were not party to all the facts and that both camps lied to gain advantage for themselves, surely gives weight to the justification for a second referendum?

Ewen Simpson Whatcroft