LIKE many other readers, I’m sure, I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent opinion piece by ‘The fly in the ointment’ about Brexit.

The ultimate decision on whether or not we remain in the EU is, by common consent, the most important event since the end of the Second World War and will deeply affect people’s lives for decades to come. That makes it all the more strange that we have not heard a squeak from our MP, Mike Amesbury, on how he feels about the situation or his interpretation of current events.

What are his views on the possibility of a People’s Vote, now supported by 60 per cent of the electorate on whether the whole thing should be abandoned now that the full implications of leaving are better understood?

We may never know because, as a member of Corbyn’s shadow team, he is under strict instructions to keep his gob shut or else and what Jeremy wants in the Labour Party, Jeremy usually gets. Except winning a general election which, as a Labour supporter, I regret to say will not happen while he is in charge.

Let’s hope that Mr Amesbury will get over his shyness in the coming few vital weeks and challenges the Corbyn view in the interests of the thousands of jobs that will be lost in the north west if Corbyn and his Brexit fundamentalists get their way. Northwich has a right to nothing less.

Liam Byrne Little Leigh