THE HS2 2b link which passes close by the east of Northwich in the Wimboldsley to Lostock Gralem MA02 section of the route plans to build several viaducts across the Dane Valley to avoid the salt/flood plains etc.

Bostock (26m/85ft high), Gadbrook viaduct (17m/55ft high) Wade Brook (18m/56 feet) and Smoker Brook (24m/78ft high).

The viaducts seem to vary in length.

The River Dane brook viaduct is 800m/half a mile long and the embankments they plan to build are about 12m high/39ft which is about the height of my house.

Now maybe every one else knew about this plan and I have been caught napping, but I was appalled when I recently attended the consultation event in Rudheath.

There is going to be a 39ft embankment constructed right by Billinge Pool on the conservation area of the Trent and Mersey canal which is a local beauty spot and has been for years.

It is very popular for fishing and is used by anglers, not to mention walkers and cyclists using the tow path and Davenham Road. It is part of the Cheshire Ring canal route and the Dane Valley long distance footpath.

There are road closures and road realignments that cause me concern.

They are going to build a bypass near Bostock, another beautiful rural area, close the A533, one of the main routes to Leighton Hospital.

They are also planning to close the A530, the other main route to Leighton Hospital on I think a temporary basis, not sure how long temporary is...

They are talking in years not months, they think about two years.

The A556 is permanently diverted and the Morrisons warehouse loses part of its car park.

Their own environmental survey states there is likely to be increased congestion, increased travel times, and possible increased risk of accidents due to using unfamiliar routes.

Then we get to the environment...

36 ponds lost in Cheshire, two crossings by a 55ft viaduct of the beautiful Trent and Mersey canal at Whatcroft, not to mention the loss of established hedgerows, ancient 400 year old woodland at Smoker’s Wood, Winnington Woods.

Rural, agricultural areas which will impact businesses, wildlife and recreation.

When the HS2 route is operational there is bound to be noise although they are mitigating this as best they can by design and vibration.

They state the trains which run at 225mph are likely to kill bats and barn owls to a degree which may affect national numbers route wide.

I was shocked by the massive scale of this and the financial investment it will require, quite apart from the devastating environmental impact.

This will have a major impact on our area.

As the stations for this line are in Crewe or Manchester, if we want to travel from Manchester it may save 30 minutes to London, but will take an hour to get to Manchester if the trains are running by then.

Rachel Thompson Via email