I FEEL I must reply to your so many pro-remain letters that you continue to publish.

No country with any self-respect would allow its nose to be continually ‘rubbed in the dirt’ purely for possible financial gain.

Our so-called friends in the EU now have our country ‘over a barrel’ as they say – and they can continue to humiliate us at their will if we capitulate to this arrogant bunch of nobodies.

Only the squeamish, liberal, lefty types would agree to sell our country out to these unelected anti- British buffoons who are desperate for us to continue to fund and subsidise their failing empire.

We should stop grovelling to them, and grab our last ever chance to regain our sovereignty and selfrespect.

As Confucius said: It is better to be a poorer master than a rich slave.

Alan Grieves Mobberley