CHESHIRE Pension Fund covers nearly 100,000 members, from over 280 councils and organisations in the wider Cheshire area, including Cheshire West and Chester, Cheshire East, Warrington MBC, Halton MBC, and housing associations, academies, parish councils, police staff, and school staff.

These public bodies are funded by our local council tax, and supplemented by grants from the taxes we all pay nationally.

In 2018 we formed our members forum to press our case for Trustees to call a members’ AGM, as well as for interactive webpages on the CPF site, and to discuss the types of investments the fund makes.

CPF does not hold an AGM for the 100,000 members.

It does hold regular meetings for the 280 employers, and the next one is at a prestigious Cheshire venue in January.

Discussions on investments, nationally and globally, focus on positive investing for the future, as well warning of the declining value of some past investments.

Recently publicity meant our fund stopped investing in Wonga.

But the trustees still invest in other areas such as fracking companies, gambling companies, and tobacco companies.

Most of the property owned by the fund is in the south east of England, not here in the north west.

We fully recognise that we have a pension scheme which is the envy of many.

But from that fortunate position, we argue for socially responsible sustainable investing, rather than just seeking short term stock market profits.

Our website is cpfmembersforum.

com We invite all members to visit the website, and get in touch, whether they are retired, nearing retirement, or still working.

Ours is the biggest pension fund in Cheshire, Warrington and Halton, and how it invests will help shape our communities, and future generations.

Cheshire Pension Fund Members Forum